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Here at Elevation Music Group we are a Live Music Production, Live Music Staffing and Artist Development company based in the Midlands. As a company we strive to make a difference in the music industry, allowing artists to activate their vision and run with it by making it a reality.  EMG have worked with diverse artists within both the Gospel and Secular world. This has allowed us to get an understanding of what is needed and what can be put in place to open doors, but most importantly doors for artists within the Live Production scene.

This has allowed them to develop and give the full support to artists like Tiggs Da Author, Th3 Saga (USA), Sean C Johnson (USA), Shopé (Canada), CrossFya, Lekky,  Byron & Favour, Relley C, Meliah and Mike Bolt.

Overall as a company they find that they are submissive to their word on what they  would like to do, and how it will impact on everyone that comes to them as a company, within this day and age that  we live in. They run on the statement of “The vision of the artist is the most important thing. It's all about teamwork to make history and as a company that is what we aim to do”.

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